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There Really Is a Difference

The most affordable way to make bathroom fixtures look like new

Bathworks® Tub Refinishing Kit

BATHWORKS® is a professional strength tub, tile, sink and wall surround refinishing product designed for the "Do it Yourself" crowd

The Tub Refinishing Kit that Pro's Use!

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  • Tile Refinishing Kits
  • Shower Refinishing Kits
  • Commercial Strength

"There really is a difference with BathWorks®!"


Bathworks® Bathtub Refinishing Kit vs Epoxy Bathtub Refinishing Paint

Not All Bathtub Refinishing Paint Is Equal

Bathworks® is a 2-part resin, and is far superior to epoxy bathtub refinishing paint. Why? To begin, the resin in Bathworks® bathub refinishing kit is much more durable, and will not yellow or crack like most epoxy kits.

Not only is Bathworks® used in thousands of homes every year, but Bathworks® is also used in the commercial settings, like hotels, apartments, and universities throughout North America. Hilton, Sheridan, Westin, Marriott, Days Inn, and many more are all using Bathworks® bathtub and tile refinishing products. Epoxy paints would never hold up in such high volume commercial settings, and they barely last in your home as well.

To learn more about the difference between bathtub refinishing paints, click here.


Do it Right The First Time!

The Bathworks® bathtub refinishing kits (and frankly, any other bathtub refinishing products) are only as good as the initial preparation of the tub.

Perhaps you’re just considering if refinishing your bathtub or shower is a weekend project you want to tackle? Or maybe you've already purchased a Bathworks® DIY kit for your bathtub, and are looking to get started. Regardless, you've come to the right place. I’m going to tell you how to do it the best and easiest way, just like a pro!

Click here to learn how to prepare your tub the right way, avoid mistakes, and get the long lasting results you’re looking for.

How to Refinish a Bathtub Properly Using the Bathworks Bathtub Refinishing Kit Components